Anonymous asked: where can i get sunggyu's gifs ? :3

i’m sorry i dont know~~ :”D

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Anonymous asked: Bias aside, do you think infinite's mini album is better than dalmatian's?

I (hyungod) haven’t heard the tracks of both albums bec I didn’t buy the albums YET and I’m a good girl like that. L O L I don’t know with the other admins tho~ but I’m pretty sure the album photos (of INFINITE) are good for our eyes ;A; I’m going to check Dalmatian’s soon!

and for me (saara ) its hard to say because i havent heard Dalmatian’s whole album yet, only ER… but i think its a really good song, i like it very much, but i have to say that i’m more into Infinite’s songs, especially “the chaser”~~ i might be biased tho but yeah i’m sure Dalmatian’s other songs are good as well.

& me~ (naerumi) I barely listen to any other groups besides of Infinite eeeh so I’m really not sure, I heard ER today on mubank & I think it’s nice~! their (dalmatian) concept this time is definitely interesting & different from their previous ones.. I think the album is pretty decent but I’d prefer Infinite’s…. :3

My heart is like this, there’s only one thing I know
Even if it breaks and hurts, I’m going to love you
❥ The Chaser

❥ Woohyun on the musical [120217]